Canal Zone Bios


Tom Baker:
  • Class of 72

  • Tom played in some popular CZ bands as a teen

  • He currently lives in Florida and works as a Network Engineer for Microsoft.

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Garland "Tony" Bullock:
  • Class of 73

  • Tony played in some popular CZ bands as a teen.
  • He currently lives in Germany where he continues to play in bands.
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Yvonne Deason:

  • Class of 73
  • No Details
Lewis French:
  • class of 63

  • Parents were civilian PCC.

  • Lew became an 8th grade math teacher at Curundu JHS for about 3 years. 

  • He married one of the other teachers in summer of 70 and went into the military. 

  • After his tour of duty, he returned to the Canal Zone school administration office to handle their data division. 

  • Lew currently lives in Austin, TX and works for a major electronics firm.

Charles French:
  • Brother of Lewis. 
  • No details
  • Lives in the northeast US. 
Steve Gordon:
  • Class of 72
  • Lived in Ft Clayton. Father was in the US Army. 
  • Steve and his brother Kevin lived in Ft Clayton during their Steve teen years. 
  • Steve was also in the ROTC at BHS. 
  • The family moved to San Antonio, Texas after leaving the Canal Zone, where their parents retired. 
  • Steve moved to Houston, married, has two children and works as a financial executive for a major corporation.
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Kevin Gordon:
  • Class of 73 
  • Brother to Steve. 
  • After returning to the US, Kevin married, had a son and remained in San Antonio for several years working as a technician in the telecommunications industry. 
  • Kevin moved to Florida for a couple years and recently  relocated to Las Vegas Nevada working for a major telecommunications company.
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Rick Hof:
  • Class of 72
  • Lived on Ft Clayton. Father was Air Force
  • Has a sister, Kathy. 
  • Rick lived in the CZ during his teen years and was in the ROTC. 
  • After returning to the US, Rick joined the Air Force, married, has no children and retired to Nacogdoches, TX where he currently resides and works for a local employer.
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Kathy Hof:
  • Older sister to Rick. 
  • No details
  • Lives in North Carolina? 
JR Hoff:


  • Class of 71
  • Married his high school sweetheart Ana in 1972. 
  • JR went into the US Army just after graduation. 
  • JR & Ana  are currently living in Pennsylvania.
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Vince Holcomb O'Connor:
  • Class of 73
  • Family was civilian PCC.
  • Vince was born in 1955 and raised in the Canal Zone on the Pacific side until the summer of 1971 when his father Clint Holcomb died. 
  • As a teen, Vince played the organ in several CZ bands and was well known among his peers.
  • After his father's funeral, Vince and his mother returned to the US. Vince continued to play in various bands. 
  • Upon his mothers passing, Vince changed his name to O'Connor to honor her memory. 
  • In August of 1999, Vince married a former CZ sweetheart, Giselle, who he reunited with during the 1999 annual CZ reunion. They are both currently living in Southern California.
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Giselle Schoenleber O'Connor:
  • Class of 73
  • Parents were Civilian
  • Giselle was born in the Republic of Panama (clinica san fernando). 
  • She attended Balboa High School. Giselle and Vince were childhood sweethearts in the Panama Canal Zone in their early teens. They were one month apart in ages. 
  • After Vince moved back to the US in 71, Giselle remained in Panama, graduated with her class and went to work at the PCC as a claims examiner. 
  • She left Panama in 1982 and was rediscovered by Vince at the Canal Zone Annual Reunion in Florida, July 1999. Vince and Giselle were married in August 1999 and are currently living in Southern California.
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Kathleen O'Connor Holcomb:
  • Kathleen and her husband Clint Holcomb lived in the Canal Zone on the Pacific side for close to 20 years.
  • In 1955, she had a son named Vince who was raised in the Canal Zone until her husband died in the summer of 1971. 
  • Kathleen worked for the ASPCA, appearing on the SCN Afternoon Show with pets for adoption for 15 years. 
  • Kathleen loved to invite friends over for dinner. Many times the SCN staff were eager to be invited for the wonderful meals she prepared. Her generosity and kindness were well known among the Canal Zone community where she was admired by many.
  • Following her husbands funeral, Kathy returned to the US with her son, Vince. 
  • She has since passed on, but her son adopted her maiden name in honor of his mother.
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Clint Holcomb:
  • PCC Control House Operator
  • Clint worked for the Pan Canal Company for 20 years and lived on the Pacific side of the Canal Zone. Clint also playing in a Bluegrass band which appeared on SCN. His son Vince, a toddler at the time, appeared with the band. 
  • Upon his death in the summer of 1971, his funeral was held at the Masonic Temple in Balboa and included full dress military honor guard. Clint's wife and son returned to the US.
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Ricky McDaniels:

  • Class of 74
  • Lived on Howard AFB near Farfan
  • Ricky had about 3 other siblings. They lived in the CZ from 1969 to 1971 then moved to Colorado Springs, CO. 
  • Ricky enlisted in the Military (Air Force?) and was stationed on the East Coast. Ricky moved to Denver, married and had one son. 
  • He was killed in a vehicle accident in the fog while driving between work and his home in 1980. Ricky was a very caring and devoted friend.
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Kathy McDaniels:

  • Class of 74
  • Moved to Colorado with her family after leaving the CZ in 1971. 
  • Has since married, moved to Alabama where she raised 4 children.

Marty McDaniels:

  • Class of 72
  • Moved to Colorado with his family, married and still resides in Colorado.

Jeff Meadows:

  • Class of 72
  • Llived in Cocoli.
  • Jeff was born and raised in Guam and comes from a large family. 
  • They moved to Cocoli in the late 60's. 
  • Jeff graduated from BHS and returned to the US to attend WestPoint where he completed with honors.
  • Jeff then attended another university in Georgia and earned an additional MBA.
  • He married, had two children and is currently divorced. Jeff lives in GA, works in sales management for a major corporation and frequently travels in the Southeastern US. His parents live in Florida.

Cindy Meadows:

  • Youngest sister to Jeff.
  • Cindy married and is now Cindy Todd and lives in Florida.

Betty Meadows:

  • Class of 74
  • Sister to Jeff
  • Betty currently lives in California and is not married.

Ray Meadows:

  • Brother to Jeff
  • Currently lives in Georgia.

? Meadows:

  • Youngest brother to Jeff. 
  • Currently lives in Tennessee. 

Donna Moyer:

  • Class of 71
  • Donna returned to the US after graduation from BHS. 
  • She married and had a son. 
  • Donna recently remarried and is currently living in Rural Tennessee, working as a cosmetologist.

Gary Moyer:

  • Donna's brother

Jim Pryor:

  • Class of 71
  • Moved from Virginia to Florida. 
  • Divorced and manages a successful medical insurance fraud investigation corporation among others.

Gene Rutan:

  • Class of 74
  • Currently lives in California, divorced, has children and works and a mechanic.
Ken Sheppard:
  • Class of 71
  • Currently lives in Gainesville, Florida. Divorced and works for a hospital.
Melanie Sheppard:
  • Lives in Florida
Pete Showalter:
  • Class of 70
  • Lived in the CZ in his teens with his family and two brothers, Mark and Gary. 
  • Played in CZ bands. Left for Florida in June 1970. 
  • Married Laurie, no children and lives in rural Georgia.

Mark Showalter:

  • Class of 76
  • Youngest brother to Pete and Gary. 
  • Lived in the CZ in his early teens. 
  • Moved to Florida with his family after the CZ . 
  • Mark plays in a band, produces music and is currently living in Florida with his mother.
Gary Showalter:

  • Eldest brother of Mark and Pete. 
  • Graduated in the late sixties. 
  • Moved to Israel after leaving Panama and currently still resides there.
Mike Sparling:
  • Class of 74
  • Mike joined the military, moved to Korea where he still lives with his wife.


David Steinberg:
  • Class of 72
  • David played in several popular CZ bands. 
  • Since leaving the CZ, he moved to Southern California where he currently is a very successful music producer.
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Duane Taylor:
  • Class of 72
  • Lived in Ft Clayton. Father was in the US Army. 
  • Lived in CZ during his teen years. Came from a large family.
  • After leaving the CZ, Duane moved to Indianapolis, Indiana and became plant manager for Dogloo.
  • Duane is married and has 6 children. 
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Melodye Taylor:
  • Class of 71
  • Sister to Duane. 
  • While in the CZ, Melodye was engaged to Felix Robles before his death. 
  • After returning to the US, Melodye moved to Florida, married and raised 5 children. 
  • She is currently divorced and recently moved to Panama with Dino and was planning on getting married.
Sammy Thompson:
  • Graduated 1972
  • Lived in Cocoli, Ft Kobbe & Gamboa.
  • Sammy graduated 2 years ahead of his class. Sammy had 2 brothers and 3 sisters. 
  • His parents Gena and Tommy were very involved in the Ft Amador teen club and other activities in the CZ. 
  • Sammy's life was tragically cut short in a motor bike accident in Gamboa in 1973. He has been deeply missed by his friends and family.
Steve Thompson:
  • Class of 72
  • PCC pilot
  • Eldest of the six children. Brother to Sammy
  • Steve became a Canal Pilot. 
  • After leaving the CZ, he worked in New Orleans where he met and married his wife. 
  • Steve has one son and lives in Trenton Michigan where he is Harbor Captain.
Stewart Thompson:
  • Class of 76
  • Youngest boy.  Brother to Sammy & Steve
  • Currently lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas, is married with children and works as a machinist.
Elissa Thompson:
  • Sister to Sammy & Steve
  • Lives in Austin, Tx. Has a daughter, is divorced and works for the Texas Department of transportation.
Elaina Thompson:
  • Sister to Sammy & Steve
  • Lives in Arkansas next door to her parents home, is married with children and works at a local military base.
Bonnie Thompson:
  • Youngest of the siblings. Sister to Sammy & Steve
  • Is a Navy Officer. A pilot currently based out of California and is not married.
Gena & Tommy Thompson:
  • Parents of the Thompson family 

  • Gena was an entertainer in the USO on tour in the 1940's.

  • Tommy was a civilian working in the CZ. 

  • They were both very popular with the children and teens in the CZ. They lived in Cocoli, Ft Kobbe and Gamboa. 

  • For several years, Gena & Tommy managed the Ft Amador teen club. 

  • After leaving the CZ, their family moved into rural Arkansas and retired. 

  • Tommy continued to work in security until he passed away in June 1998. 

Rob Walker:
  • Class of 72
  • Rob played in several popular CZ bands. 
  • After returning to the US, Rob played in bands in the Atlanta, GA area for many years.
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