Gallery of CZ Friends

60's & 70's

Help identified missing names

If you were a teen in the late 60's to mid 70's in the Panama Canal Zone, you should enjoy the dozens of photos of our friends at our favorite hang outs such as the Observatory, Ft Clayton Teen Club, Kobbe Beach, Balboa.... just to name a few, which you can access by clicking on the "Gallery" links below.

Most of the photos were taken on the Pacific side, but there is one Atlantic sider photo as well. There are many faces that still need to be identified. Please let me know if you recognize anyone or anyplace that is not named in the photos. Any donated photo images would be appreciated to keep the site growing.

Gallery #1 Ralph & Jaco Petiton, Jaime & Angel Rivera, Mark Love, Tom Banks, Mark Noles,  Vince Holcomb O'Connor, Moose, Lance Wiskowski, Ron Secrest, Steve Small, Gay Bisell, Sam Thompson, Steve & Kevin Gordon, Debbie Treadway, Steve Roper, Felix Robles,  Butch & Joe Alvarnaz,  Albert (snake) Fehrenbach, Melanie Sheppard, Rosa Williams, Cynthia Spinney, Giselle Shoenleber,  Barry Heron, Jeanne & Jo Pennington, Michelle Chevalier, Melodye Bakker, Veronica Stetler,  Donna Wood and many unidentified friends
Gallery #2 Jose Blanco, Midge England, Steve & Kevin Gordon, Mike Lynch, Rick Hof, Melodye Taylor, JR Hoff & Ana (Hoff) wedding photos, Sammy Thompson, Butch & Joe Alvarnaz, Missy Reeves, John Nichols, Bob Zuniga, Duane Taylor, Richard Webster, Lonnie Johnson and unidentified friends
Gallery #3 Steve Berneski, Denise George, Joanie Wilburn, John Nichols, Missy Reeves, Steve Forsyth and several unidentified friends


More photos appreciated

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