CZ Yearbook Autographs



Any assistance with errors in name spelling or missing last names would be greatly appreciated.


1971 school year 

Brenda Stolts, Archie McDaniel, Carlos Torres, Randy Jenson, Bill ?, Dorothy ?, Glenn Mangold, Rick Cummings, Brenda Foley, Robin Gruber, Debbie Counts, Peter Gurney, Arlene Ohmar, (one in lower center illegible). 

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1971 school year 


Nilda, Stanley Fidanque, Paula Rivera, Gene Rutan, Jim White, Kenny Boyd, Michelle, Frank Haggy, Andy, Jed Lovingfoss, Joyce Coward, Ivonne DeCastro, E H, Emy Esquerde, Tina Bustram


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1970 school year

Sheila Farrell, Linda Remmert, Kathy McDaniels, Ed Latola, Cindy Spinney, Marta Carresquillo, Albert Wahl, Jack Jeffery, Matt Murphy, Denise George, Shelly Bonner, Diana Villareal, Clara Staples, Jeff Meadows, Ricky McDaniels


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1970 school year

Herman Casasbuenas, Henry Zayas, Brian Fleckenstein, John Atwood, Mary Saunders, Pat Thomas, Vallerie Figeroa, Sy Bryn???? (cant spell last name), Thora Bailey, Melinda Bueler


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1970 school year


(This page is in bad shape. I  transcribed verbiage of ones that are hard to read.)

Cindy (Perl) ("To a real nice friend. Good Luck"), Janette Marie Phelps, Lydia Kerr, Glenn Mango, Jaime Rivera, Debbie Ocheltree, Jean McCray, Ricky McDaniels, Bob Evans, Glenda Snavely, Steve Gordon, Jim McILvain, Donna Webb ("To a nice girl"), Sharon Cheng ("To a sweet girl. Good luck forever especially with the other half"), John Serbia ("To a very sweet friend of mine. Hope you go far in this lonely world and don't get bored anymore. OK")

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1971 school year

Denise Stolk, Julie Campbell ("Hello, Midge. Remember Grant, Remember Lee, Oh what the hell, Remember me!"), Shelly Jacobsen, Walter, Sylvia Lake ("Midge, anything"), Vickie Miller, Jim Downs, John Co ? (spelling?), Denise George? ("To a nice girl. Good luck in the future"), Kathy McDaniels ("To a real good girl & also sweet. Good luck in the future. Love, Luck, Laughter"), Alan Tinney ("To a very nice wall operator. Good Luck") ?..I have no idea what that means, Paul Holter, Ken ? ("To a nice girl in Algebra")

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1971 school year

John Nichols, Troy Deason, Rick Hof


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1971 school year

Thora Baily, Chris Churchman, Mrs Jaen, Debbie Bordon, Barbie ?

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1970 school year

Betty Meadows, Carl Smith, Sibby McGill, Vicky Hampel, Eleanor Jackson, Jeff Craig, Jeff Meadows, Mike Delyi, Jim Weise, Shelly

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