Friends Remembered.....


Sammy Thompson
Sept 26, 1956 - May 8, 1973


His brilliance and inspiration

continues to live on in those

who loved him


Samuel Lewis Thompson graduated from Balboa High School at the age of 16 in 1972. His parents Tommy and Gina Thompson sponsored the Amador teen club. Sammy had 2 brothers, Stuart and Steve plus three sisters, Bonnie, Elissa and Elaina. Their family lived in Cocoli, later moved to Ft Kobbe and lastly Gamboa which Sammy loved. He aspired to be a canal Pilot and at the age of 15 had passed the exam. He had extraordinary brilliance with an IQ above genius level. Sammy's future was cut short at the age of 17 while riding his motorcycle down a hill near his house in Gamboa. Although he was wearing a helmet when his head struck the light post, the helmet caused a fatal head injury from which Sammy did not survive.

Sammy's father Tommy died June 1998 after a long illness. Gina still lives in Arkansas near Daughter Elaina and son Stuart. Steve became a Canal Pilot and now lives near Detroit Michigan with his family where he is a Port Commander. Elissa lives in Austin working for the Texas department of transportation with her daughter who has also shown an extraordinarily high IQ as well. Bonnie is an officer in the military. All of Sammy's siblings are bright, successful and accomplished. A family that any parent would be proud to have. A magnificent hand painted portrait of Sammy is displayed in the entry way of his parent's home. You can feel his presence in the thoughts of his family.


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